Mission-driven government – Shifting missions from a signal of intent to a model of delivery

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The challenges Britain faces have rarely been greater or more complex. Overcoming them will require fundamental reform of our current systems of governance. But, 2024 presents us with a rare opportunity: a potential change of government in the UK could trigger a radical shift in the way government is structured and delivered.

Mission-driven government offers a new approach, galvanising action and energy from across sectors and across society to set the UK on a path towards a growing, inclusive and sustainable economy.

This event will mark the launch of Mission Critical, a new report written by Cllr Georgia Gould, Leader of the London Borough of Camden, and Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at UCL and Founding Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Policy, looking at the future of mission driven governance in the UK. 

This project, advanced by IIPP in partnership with The Future Governance Forum (FGF), builds on IIPP’s extensive work on mission-oriented innovation and industrial strategy over the past six years – notably, Professor Mazzucato’s internationally renown 2021 book Mission Economy: a moonshot guide to changing capitalism and IIPP’s subsequent work to translate the theory of mission-oriented policy into practice with government partners around the world. It also draws from the deep, practical experience of the London Borough of Camden in translating a mission-oriented strategy into practice. 

We’ll be discussing how a mission-driven government can lead with purpose, and govern in partnership in a new model of statecraft.

This live streamed event will include presentations and discussions from:

  • Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Policy
  • Cllr Georgia Gould, Leader of the London Borough of Camden
  • Helen MacNamara, former Deputy Cabinet Secretary
  • Chair: Kamal Ahmed, Director of Audio for The Telegraph and Presenter of The Daily T

More speakers to be announced.

This paper is the first in The Future Governance Forum’s Mission Critical programme, a collaboration between FGF, the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) and Cllr Georgia Gould, exploring how mission-driven government can meet the challenges of 21st century public service.

Due to limited venue space, attendance in-person is restricted to invite only. We look forward to welcoming you virtually on this occasion.

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