About The Future Governance Forum

Britain’s system of government is in desperate need of a reset after years of cumulative economic, environmental, and political crises.

The next government must be ready to take decisive action, delivering and enabling a programme that is progressive, transformative, and politically sustainable.

The Future Governance Forum is here to provide the intellectual and practical infrastructure vital to national renewal and the revival of progressive government in the UK.

We are a new progressive, non-partisan think tank. Our focus is not solely on the what of policy development, but the how of policy implementation, too.

Our goal is to shape a comprehensive new operating model for the way the country works, delivering effectively across national, devolved, regional and local government.

We will think about how we govern for the long term by bringing together people and institutions with the expertise to develop and implement new models of partnership, policy development and service delivery.

Our current programmes of work:

Mission Critical

How can governments develop missions as more than a signal of intent, but a theory and a practice of government?

Impactful Devolution

How can government meaningfully and permanently devolve power to nations and regions in one of the most centralised countries in the world?

Into Power

How should an administration be set up, and its people empowered, to deliver on its promises?

Rebuilding the Nation

How can we utilise innovative models of public and private investment to deliver future policy objectives?

Systems Change

How can our system of government be reformed to better facilitate, not obstruct, delivery?

By prioritising these questions we are thinking about new progressive models of governance for the long term.