Mission Critical 01: Statecraft for the 21st century

2024 presents a rare opportunity for the UK: a potential change of UK administration could trigger a radical shift in the way government is structured and delivered, and improved outcomes for all.

Written by leading missions expert Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Mission Critical offers a blueprint for shifting Labour’s five missions from campaign promises into a programme for government – from ambitions into actions.

Published in partnership with the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP), the report builds on the academic theory behind mission-driven government – advanced by Professor Mazzucato – as well as interviews with former advisers and senior civil servants, including Helen MacNamara, Andy Haldane and Polly Mackenzie. It puts forward a series of practical steps a new administration can take within a potential first 100 days to reorient government towards a mission-driven approach.

This paper is the first in The Future Governance Forum’s Mission Critical programme. It will be followed by further reports in the series looking closer at the nature of a mission-driven government’s relationship with business, trade unions, charities and wider civil society, as well as with citizens themselves.